Feature-rich disc-burning suite to create data, audio, and video discs
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Be it to create our own music compilations, to back up our movie collection, or to safeguard all our documents and other data in recordable discs, CDRWIN offers you a wide variety of recording options all wrapped up in an attractive interface. You can create all kinds of data discs, video DVDs, audio CDs, as well as to create and burn disc image files in various formats and to erase, finalize, or view the sectors of your recordable and re-writable discs.

All the different functions provided share the same ease of use when it comes to setting up the task. In general terms, CDRWIN has been clearly designed with the average user in mind. Both the “Devil Proofed” interface and the various disc creation, copy, and rip features offered have been designed to attract the highest number of users possible. As soon as you open CDRWIN, you have to acknowledge that its interface design is worth being considered one of its main assets. When you look at the options in the program’s main menu, however, you find out that the interface is not its main attractive.

Inside the Copy Disc, Data, Audio, Video, Tools, and Settings main categories, you will find a set of easy-to-use features that will allow you to clone discs; save CDs and DVDs as ISO, BIN, and XMD image files; burn all types of data discs; rip, copy, and burn standard audio CDs and MP3 discs; make video DVDs using VIDEO_TS folders, and an interesting choice of miscellaneous tools, Sector Viewer included. Though Blu-ray discs are supported when it comes to creating data discs, one misses the possibility of creating video BDs using Blu-ray folders as source, as the program does with video DVDs.

Despite its undeniable ease of use and its eye-catching interface, CDRWIN is not as comprehensive as one would expect from a commercial disc burning utility, especially with the amount of free and open-source competitors available out there. A larger support for Blu-ray discs when it comes to creating other than data discs would certainly push this tool up the list. The fact that it lacks an MP3 codec of its own and that it cannot decrypt any DRM-protected disc to allow you to perform lawfully backups of your CD or DVD collection are flaws that should also be taken into consideration for future versions.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports all types of discs
  • Creates image files in various formats
  • Disc sector viewer
  • CD-Text support
  • BurnProof protection
  • Supports more than 1000 burners
  • Integrated graphic CUE sheet editor


  • Creates data Blu-ray discs only
  • Does not include an MP3 codec
  • No decryption capabilities
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